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90+ Google PageSpeed Score

Oceans Media guarantees a Google PageSpeed score of 90+ on Desktop and 80+ on Mobile.

Higher Google Rankings

Your site’s speed tells Google that you’re a professional, well-designed store worthy of higher rankings. SEO success can be yours!

Master Core Web Vitals

Ace all Core Web Vitals : Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift. Speed is name of the game here.

Increase in SEO Rankings

Faster Websites Rank Higher In The Search Results...

Slow load times might be the reason your pages aren't ranking!

Grade A on GTmetrix

Achieve under 3 seconds loading times and score Grade A on GTmetrix, all without writing a single line of code.

Mobile First Experience​

More and more users are accessing the internet via mobile devices. Your mobile first users will love a snappy and responsive website.

Better Ad Performance

Google, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok Ads prioritize sites that load quickly. As a result you get lower Ad CPC and CPM.

Why Its Important

A Fast Website Raises All Other Site Metrics & Is Why Google Uses It As a Ranking Factor

Better SEO Rankings

Google has told us that they look at a webpage speed directly as one of their Ranking Factors. We will help make sure your pages are ultra-fast & below Googles suggested threshold.

Higher Conversion Rate %

How fast your website loads is in direct correlation to your conversion rate. Say goodbye to high bounce rates thanks to your speedy website.

  • Reduce Unused JavaScripts

  • Reduce Unused CSS Files

  • Minify JavaScript and CSS Files

  • Defer Render Blocking Scripts

  • HTML Gzip Code Compression

  • 3rd Party App Optimization

  • Iframe & Video Optimization

  • Lazy Loading for Images and Videos

  • 1. Purchase Speed Optimization

    Pick the package that lines up most with your timeline.

  • 2. We Will Request Collaborator Access

    Accept Oceans 6 Media as Collaborator. We Only request access to what we need. We will never see your orders or analytics.

  • 3. Let Us Work Our Magic

    We will identify the ways in your code to make your site freaky fast.

  • 4. Take Delivery Your New Fast Shopify

    Once our optimizations are complete we will let you know and publish the new theme live to your site.

Best Decision You Ever Make :)

Riley B.

Verified Buyer

“We used a contractor last year to fix our speed scores, which they did, but our performance stayed the same. Cole explained how they increase performance scores and conversions and what they did made a massive difference!

We saw an improvement not only in our site’s speed but also in our SEO rankings and conversion rate. I recommend them without reservation.”

Tanner E.

Verified Buyer

“We deleted Booster Speed Optimizer App last week(Oceans 6 Media is 20x better).

Cole & Oceans Media did what they promised – they optimized our site perfectly, and our loading time is now under 2 seconds. They’re the best in the business, and we’re grateful for their service.”

Taylor T.

Verified Buyer

"Blown away. We were able to achieve a Google PageSpeed score of 98 on Desktop and 87 for Mobile, and our site's conversion rate is up 29% this month! Thanks Guys!


Why is website speed optimization important for my Shopify store?

Speed optimization ensures a faster, smoother user experience, leading to reduced bounce rates and higher conversion rates. Additionally, search engines prioritize faster websites, so speed optimization can boost your SEO rankings.

How does improving GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights scores benefit my store?

Both GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights provide comprehensive insights into your website's performance. Higher scores on these platforms indicate optimized website performance, leading to better user experience and potentially higher search engine rankings.

How long does the optimization process typically take?

The optimization process duration varies based on your website's current performance and specific needs. If you purchase the standard package delivery will be in 5 business days. If you purchase the fast deliver it will be delivered in 2 business days.

Will the changes made during optimization affect the look and feel of my store?

No, we will always make a copy of your current theme template to work on while leaving your current theme template live. Once we are finished we will make the speed optimized version live and allow you to approve :)

How much access will you have to my Shopify?

We respect your privacy 100% and therefore only request access to the areas needed for speed optimization. We will not access your product, orders or reports :)

How often should I consider optimizing my Shopify store?

Regular checks are recommended after adding new content, features or apps. If your site needs additional speed optimization AND you are a past customer we offer Lifetime 50% off our packages for all additional orders.

Can I reach out for support post-optimization?

Absolutely! We offer post-optimization support for 2 weeks to ensure your Shopify store continues to perform at its best. Our team is here to assist with any queries or concerns you might have.