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Shopify Page Speed Optimization

Shopify Page Speed Optimization

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Dramatically increase your Shopify Store Speed for Mobile and Desktop the right way!

We increase Shopify Store Speed in a way that is optimized for conversions. Increased rankings and increased conversion rates!


  • Better SEO Rankings
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Faster Website Load Time
  • Fewer Bounces
  • Happy Customers

The Formula:

A Faster Shopify Site = Better Google Ranking (x) Higher Conversion Rates.

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    • How will we increase your Shopify Store Speed?

      • Minify JavaScript and CSS file
      • Lazy load external scripts
      • Optimize Images & lazy loading
      • App analysis & code removal
      • Eliminate render-blocking resources
    • Why choose Oceans 6 Media?

      • Confirmed 90+ Desktop Score and 80+ Mobile Score
      • A better user experience
      • Better Google rankings
      • Decreases bounce rates
      • Increase in sales volume
      • Additional 2 week support

    Why Shopify Speed Optimization is important?

    Research shows that users are not going to wait more than 3 seconds, on average, for your Shopify website to load before exiting and going to the next result.

    A faster Shopify Site = Better Google Ranking (x) Higher Conversion Rates.


    Why is website speed optimization important for my Shopify store?

    Speed optimization ensures a faster, smoother user experience, leading to reduced bounce rates and higher conversion rates. Additionally, search engines prioritize faster websites, so speed optimization can boost your SEO rankings.

    How does improving GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights scores benefit my store?

    Both GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights provide comprehensive insights into your website's performance. Higher scores on these platforms indicate optimized website performance, leading to better user experience and potentially higher search engine rankings.

    Will the changes made during optimization affect the look and feel of my store?

    No, we will always make a copy of your current theme template to work on while leaving your current theme template live. Once we are finished we will make the speed optimized version live and allow you to approve :)

    How often should I consider optimizing my Shopify store?

    Regular checks are recommended after adding new content, features or apps. If your site needs additional speed optimization AND you are a past customer we offer Lifetime 50% off our packages for all additional orders.